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Major Accomplishments and our pride in the past

FDNC Trained Community Health Resource Persons

FDNC has carried out a number of activities and realized the following major accomplishments:
Through intensive sensitization and awareness activities on HIV/AIDS, a big impact was registered on the persons affected and infected with HIV/AIDS especially towards positive living. They are happier as they access treatment at Mbale referral hospital and HIV/AIDS agencies on the advice of FDNC. People affected by HIV/AIDS such as children whose parents are living with HIV/AIDS or have died of the scourge and other members of the family have come to accept their lot and have decided to work hard for a better future.
Child health monitoring and promotion through the health unit and the mothers trained on quality and quantity of food required by children has led to the good health of the babies and infants. They learned the importance of food nutrition, cognitive and psychosocial child development.
Goat rearing project for the needy families funded by our Walsh partnership.
Organic farming/sustainable agriculture supported by Church World Service.
Child Sponsorship Programme in four communities where 72 boys and girls were supported in school.
Provision of medical care in which three children underwent surgery (one in Mulago National Referral Hospital Kampala and the other two in Cure Children’s Hospital Mbale). All the three are happy, healthy and doing well at school.
Purchased of a plot of land in Mbale town for construction of offices and ICT center and crafts shop for the purposes of fundraising to raise local funds for sustainability of FDNC activities and projects.
Constructed, equipped and furnished a 10 classroom block at the FDNC vocational training centre.
Constructed and equipped a nutrition centre.
Set up a successful music program through the Brass band and organized a European tour and performance in the United Kingdom to create awareness about FDNC programs.
Purchased of a mini bus for the youth Brass Band and local transport activities.
Secured the organization premises at Natondome using a chain link.
Successfully trained various school dropout youth in the following disciplines; carpentry, masonry, tailoring and computing.
FDNC hosted a number of volunteers and visitors all who contributed generously to the success of the programmes.
These included:
- Various delegations from AJWS
- Church World Service delegation.
- Foundation for Sustainable Development
- Operation Crossroads Africa
- PONT , and Kimbuta Rural Development Program.

The volunteers and visitors came to FDNC in Mbale to acquaint themselves with the work done by FDNC in Primary Health Care, Community empowerment efforts, life skills development, vocational skills, and poverty reduction efforts. They were greatly fascinated by the work done the Community Health Workers, women and the youth clubs. Among other things, our visitors were impressed by the participatory approach used.
Local people found employment, access to local and international connections and exposure and cross-cultural interactions. Various interns got various placements from which cross cultural colors enriched local programs and various organizations thought the greater Mbale Zone. The vise versa for the interns and volunteers was a huge benefit too.
FDNC participated along side the Uganda Red Cross in a disaster response with a boost of the Church World Service and various individual well wishers.
FDNC sent the Coordinator for Community Development Programs to Abuja, Nigeria to participate in the Global Women in a month long Management Conference, thanks to the CEDPA’s and Exon Mobil funding.