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Vision & Mission

Healthy, Sustainable Communities liberated from poverty.
Building self reliance in the most impoverished communities in Uganda through participation and human development.

Our Slogan

“Partners in Community Transformation”

FDNC 15 Community Transformation Model

As a Community Based Non-Governmental Organisation, FDNC envisions Community transformation to be about change. Not just changes in the environment, or in income or in health status, etc. but about people embracing..Read More

FDNC Programs

Eastern Uganda Women’s Empowerment Program

The goal of this project is to empower women in five select communities to acquire knowledge and skills necessary to live improved, self-reliant livelihoods through specific entrepreneurship/micro-enterprise development, capacity-building and training programs and advocacy campaigns that enforce women’s rights awareness and female empowerment...

Institution Building
Community Health and Development
Information and Communication Access
Skills Training and revival of Programs for children with varying disabilities
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Community Health and Development in uganda


December 2014
Word from Founder

Dear online visitor!
I find it very true that with any organisation, whether in business, civil service, non-governmental or other, once a certain size and growth potential is achieved,.. Continue Reading

Word from Executive Director

Janet Wambedde.
The under-girding principal of “Local solutions to local problems” has not changed since FDNC began. ...Continue Reading.

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Information and Communication Access in Uganda

On behalf of the management team of Foundation for Development of Needy Communities (FDNC), and on my own behalf, I would like to congratulate the team at FDNC for walking through this important journey of developing the FDNC strategic plan for 2014- 2018. The previous years have been a period of learning. I believe we will achieve the goal of healthy sustainable communities. I take the pleasure to underscore major ideas that have molded our strategic thinking path, thus defining the core undertakings that will drive FDNC. Read More

Ugandas Future

Message from The Founder

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FDCN Uganda

Word from Executive Director

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FDCN Uganda

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