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Skills Training and revival of Programs for children with varying disabilities

women and youth empowerment

- Youth development- Through basic skills development and training Vocational programs to be offered (Music, Carpentry, Masonry, tailoring, Agriculture, Arts and Design, Entrepreneurship,) to approximately 70 students.

- FDNC to re-energize its brass band department by acquiring more instruments and training by a local professional trainer.
- FDNC provides quality education to children with special needs, who would otherwise not receive one. We train students with disabilities to acquire the knowledge and life skills necessary to enable them to both fit into and succeed in modern Ugandan society. By providing at least 25 children with disabilities and their parents with social and functional skills education, parents will cease believing their children with disabilities are merely burdens, and instead work to integrate them into everyday aspects of life and society. We still require competent staff to carry out the skills training and mentoring of pupils and students and Motivation of staff.
Vocationa programs - Carpentry