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How the "Crab Effect" Obstructs Growth and How to Conquer It.

Some of the greatest words of wisdom for any man or woman seeking change or growth are, "Surround yourself with people who will support and believe in you."
Creating any kind of change requires determination, focus, energy, a game plan, and more than anything else, desire and a positive attitude.
Sometimes, we become stalled in our progress or just lose the desire to continue because we do not have a strong support structure in place.
How many times have you tried to create something for yourself but failed because your circle of influence provided negative input and little support for you?
I once worked with a client who wanted to secure the career of his dreams.
He was in his late 30's and had spent a good deal of his life working in an unfulfilling job that involved heavy lifting all day long.

When he finally made the decision to commit to pursuing his dream career, he shared his goals with his co-workers, family and friends.
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